YA-100 model horizontal flowpack machines are produced for the companies which targets a production of multiple varieties with medium capacity figures. These machines can be used mainly for ;
- Food sector : Biscuit, chocolate, wafer, bar, halwa, candy, loukoum, delight, cake, bread, etc.
- Cosmetics and domestic sector : Soap, cleaning tissue and sponges, razor blades, etc. • Automotive sector : car accessories, spare parts, etc.
- Others : medical, electrical, giftware and any plastic material to be wrapped, etc. and any other similar product. The machine is constructed on a modular aluminum base and equipped with stainless steel enclosures. There are easy change pushers available on the infeed conveyor which allows to pack different types of products. Adjustable stainless steel side guides and quick exchange product tools are available. Less film wastage and tighter packages are enabled by the fine adjustable groups of spool. Thanks to the modern braking system, more quick, efficient and proper film flow is provided by using the manual single spool transfer groups. At hot seal applications it's possible to use the cellophane, pearlize, polypropylene and aluminum laminated materials as in the form of roll and at the cold seal applications It is possible to work with all types of cold seal packaging materials. To ensure a safe operation, safety switches and special covers are used at the jaw groups. In case of any jamming, the "automatic jaw safety system" comes into play to protect the jaws and the product.

       Easy access and setup possibility is available for the package length, photocell adjustment, machine speed, etc. thanks to the control unit used in the machinery. The speed of this machine can reach up to 250 package per minute* at cold sealing and 150 package per minute* at hot sealing, depending to the product specifications and its average electrical consumption is approximately 4,6 kW. * The speed varies according to the product dimensions (width, length, height), product form, the way of its exit from the production line and the thickness of the film. • Medical components, toys, souvenir and wide ranging goods mostly made of plastic materials can be packed by YA-100 model horizontal flowpack machines.YA 100 model is available with 1-2-3-4 crimpers per shaft, according to the product dimensions and the required speed.Servo kontrol systems are used in YA-100 model of our flowpack machines in order to make the necessary changes according to the product shape and packaging type.For hot sealing applications all kinds of rulo formed selefon, porlize, polypropilen and aluminium laminated materials, and for cold sealing applications all cold sealing packaging materials can be used on the machine.The control panel is located on the electrical board of YA-100 and every detail is conceived in the mind for operating the machine easily. By using touch screen operating unit, it is able to see work status of the machine and it is easy to control the machine by passing through the pages on the menu screen.Modular cantilevered frame of aluminum elements. Manufactured and weared by AISI 304 stainless steel components.Stainless steel for all parts in contact with product.All mechanical parts are separated from the operating area to respect hygiene conditions.The machines are designed as to be compatible with all kinds of date coder devices.According to the product specifications and capacity mechanical or servo driven feeding automations can be offered to the customers. dir

WIDTH 950 mm
LENGTH 4000 mm
HEIGHT 1500 mm
WEIGHT 600 kg
CAPACITY (HOT HEALING) max 140 pcs/min
CAPACITY (COLD HEALING) max 250 pcs/min
PACKAGE WIDTH min 15 mm - max 200 mm
PACKAGE LENGTH min 40 mm - max 400 mm
PACKAGE HEIGHT min 2 mm - max 60 mm